Get the ULTIMATE Tech Data LIST for Your Veteran Harley-Davidson

Are you constantly forgetting those basic, but important pieces of technical info needed when working on your old Scoot?? Are you also tired of thumbing through all your manuals trying to find them?? Well I know I was!!

So I created the ULTIMATE LIST with all the daily data you will ever need.


  • Quickly get access to all those figures, distances, and measurements that you need to know when owning an old Harley Davidson.
  • Quick to follow, plus some of the data even comes with instructional videos by the side to make it even clearer.
  • When do I change my oil? How tight should my chain be? How many volts should my generator put out? When should I lubricate my Springer fork? All those questions and many more answered inside.

Who is behind The HMC

James Roper Caldbeck is known for building high-end veteran custom Harleys and is the only bike builder in Denmark to be invited to the exclusive Brooklyn Invitational Motorcycle Show in New York.

James have been involved in the custom motorcycle scene for almost three decades. He loves veteran Harleys and knows all the great experiences that come with owning an old bike.

But he also knows the frustrations you get if you have to take your bike to a professional to get it fixed and maintained. That can often be very expensive, and lead to a negative relationship with your bike.

James started The Harley Maintenance Community (The HMC) to help veteran Harley Owners get comfortable wrenching on their own bikes, so they have the confidence to ride their bikes everywhere.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to get in touch at

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