The 'No BS' Guide to Winter Storage for Veteran Harley-Davidsons

So you're putting your veteran Harley in winter storage, but you heard all kinds of nonsense about what you 'need to do', and it feels a bit like overkill? You're NOT alone!! That's why we've created this free 'No-BS' guide to help you store your Harley safe and sound over the winter, without any unnecessary waste of time.


  • Discover the simple tricks that will show you what you NEED to do for your specific veteran Harley.
  • A simple, step-by-step guide to store your veteran Harley over the winter, ready to ride again when spring comes.
  • A surprisingly short check-list you can use to do the most essential jobs and also the optional jobs if you wish.

Who is behind The HMC

Nicholas Bech is part of the Wrenchmonkees duo known for creating custom cafe racer style bikes in collaboration with brands like Bridgestone among others.

James Roper Caldbeck is known for building high end veteran custom Harleys and is the only bike builder in Denmark to be invited to the exclusive Brooklyn Invitational Motorcycle Show in New York.

Together James and Nicholas have been involved in the custom motorcycle scene for more than a decade. They love veteran Harleys and know all the great experiences that come with owning an old bike.

But they also know the frustrations you get if you have to take your bike to a professional to get it fixed and maintained. That can often be very expensive, and lead to a negative relationship with your bike.

They’ve started The Harley Maintenance Community (The HMC) to help veteran Harley Owners get comfortable wrenching on their own bikes, so they have the confidence to ride their bikes everywhere.

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